• To make the most out of your class at TOA we suggest that you wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in, ie. fitted active clothing such as tights, singlet and shorts. Yoga is practiced in barefoot so please leave shoes at the front of the studio. Bring with you a bottle of water, small hand towel, yoga mat and last but not least an open mind. 

  • You can book TOA yoga classes right here on our website. Contact us today to start your yoga journey with us. Also, please like our Facebook page so that you can stay up-to-date with all our news.
    Payment can be made via and we ask that you give us 8 hours notice if you have to cancel a class you have booked for any reason.

  • We want all of your yoga experiences with us to be positive and enjoyable. That’s why we’ve compiled this short yoga etiquette list:
        •    Always arrive 10 minutes before the class starts
        •    Turn off your mobile phones for the duration of the class
        •    Please do not wear too much perfume
        •    Resist the urge to chat during class