Essence of TOA Studio Online

– Experience the essence of TOA Studio Online.

– Unlimited access to classes that you can watch anytime and anywhere.

– Fresh and inspiring new classes added regular.

– View the library of classes online at TOA Private Facebook group, stream  H.D classes via Vimeo.

– Stay connected to TOA community to keep you motivated and moving.

– Only $20 per month with no lock in contracts / cancel anytime.


Girl training at home, doing plank and watching videos on laptop

“ You don’t have to know your purpose to be at peace, you just need to commit to being at peace and building a daily practice that will support you “


  • Thank you Tanya for your time, energy and generosity in creating such a variety of classes for all of us! Especially, thank you for offering pre-recorded videos rather than live online classes, because we can practice when it suits our schedule or energy, and also repeat the class anytime! Whilst I look forward to going to classes again in the future, I do enjoy being able to hold on to the “yoga bliss” and not have to drive home afterwards! And as others have mentioned, there is something special about doing a class with our favourite teachers in our own home. 

    Love Robyn x



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